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If you guys want to see some amazing magic tricks, stop by the Tiny Teepee tumblr and get lost for a while. There is so much wonderful stuff to see by so many talented folks.

If you want to see all manner of other silliness, you can follow me here and here.


You can see a higher res version of this on Vimeo. And if you’re interested in learning from my mistakes, you can download the tangle of source files here (and pick them apart while shaking your head).

Happy Wednesday!


I have to give a big shout out to Hulu for bringing back so many good memories. Dragonball and Sailor Moon are at pretty opposite ends of the anime spectrum, but both of them were formative experiences for me as a young lad.

I’m sure in some weird way, they shaped some of my ideas of what Japan is like. It has been a lot of fun to go back and rewatch these series on Hulu after my experience living in Japan and studying Japanese in school. In a lot of ways they look kind of dated, but mostly I’m impressed with how well they both hold up.

If you haven’t added them to your queue, you should avail yourself of the opportunity!

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